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Princess parrot: know also as Alexandra’s parakeet Considered by many to be one of the most exquisitely colored and proportioned parrots, this Australian bird was deemed most fitting to bear the name of this famous female.

The Princess parrot is a parrot native to Australia with extraordinarily soft pastel colors. Its plumage is mostly green with a pinkish throat, bluish crown and rump, and bright green shoulders. This animal is considered one of the most affectionate parrots in the world.

How many parakeets are in the world

We owe it to the English naturalist and ornithologist John Gould. In 1838, the Goulds set sail for Australia with the aim of studying the country’s birds and being the first to publish a book on the subject.

The result of this trip was the book The Birds of Australia (1840-1848). The book included 600 plates in seven volumes and 328 species which, at that time, were new to science. Over the years, ornithologist has proceeded to the naming of new species, as is the case of the Alexandra parakeet.

Currently, the population density of this bird seems to be decreasing .

Who was Queen Alexandra?

princess parakeet

Queen Alexandra, who was unmarried, was Princess Alexandra of Denmark. At the age of 16, she became the future wife of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, heir to Queen Victoria.

The royal couple married on March 10, 1863. Years later, in 1901, the Prince of Wales ascended the throne as King Edward VII. Thus, Alexandra became the Queen consort of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions. She also bore the title of Empress of India.

It is known that Queen Alexandra was extremely socially active and fond of animals. She continually attended balls, dinners, and meetings, engaged in charity work, and visited hospitals and orphanages. She even raised money for major public charities.

Thus, in the United Kingdom, Princess Alexandra of Denmark was very much loved and appreciated. So much so that his style and his way of dressing were constantly imitated in his time.

Parakeet names

princess parrot information

It is quite common to name a species after a character in the story; it’s another way to immortalize his memory. Among the birds, many examples can be cited: in honor of the American naturalist Thomas Horsfield, a bronze cuckoo and a lark were named.

Also, in memory of Australian artist and illustrator John Lewin, a rockfish and a honeycomb were named. Another case is that of a finch and petrel named after ornithologist John Gould.

In this case, it can be said that royalty is also represented by Queen Victoria’s bird of paradise and Princess parrot.

Several politicians and heads of state are also represented in the naming of bird species. So far, Barack Obama, Indira Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela have received this honor.

Long before them, Mr. Philip Gidley King, Governor of New South Wales from 1800 to 1806, inspired the name King-Parrot or Australian parrot.

Alexandrine parakeet information

It is striking that, unlike other parrot species, the Princess parrot (Alexandra Parakeet) can form bands to attack in a coordinated fashion. This behavior is known as mobbing and is used to stop predators. During this harassment, the birds dive, scream, and even defecate on the animal they view as a threat.

It is not surprising that they have a powerful voice. One of their remarkable characteristics is their piercing cry which can travel great distances. In indoor spaces, when they decide they need attention, they can be deafening.

SOURCE: Five’s A Flock with Coro


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