Parrot cage

parrot cage

Parrot cage: Choosing a cage for a pet bird is a crucial step because the animal will spend a lot of time there and its well-being will depend to a large extent. Choose the size of the pet bird cage Choose the cage according to the shape, the openings, and the material What type of cage … Read more

Clean bird cage

clean bird cage

Clean bird cage: Cleaning the cage or aviary is one of the basic tasks when you have a pet bird. How to proceed, how often, and which product to use? Why should you clean your pet bird’s cage? What are the cleaning tasks and how often to perform them? What products to use for cleaning … Read more

Prepare for the arrival of your pet Parrot

care for parrots

Prepare for the arrival of your pet Parrot: How to welcome your pet bird at home? What preparations need to be made for your future feathered companion to adapt as easily as possible to his new environment? Here are some tips to help you. Making the decision to acquire a pet bird is the first step. The second … Read more

Reproduction in pet parrot

how do birds reproduce

Reproduction in pet parrot: How does reproduction happen in pet birds? How many eggs are laid? How long does the brood last? What should couples be assured during breeding? Reproduction is one of the important aspects of the life of the pet bird. A good understanding of its characteristics helps to better understand the needs of the animal … Read more

Parrot caring

Parrot Caring

Parrot caring: Like food and care, activity is a vital need for your pet parrot. Your pet bird should be able to enjoy maximum opportunities to be stimulated and entertained on a daily basis. Having fun with him, and using his physical and cognitive capacities, is essential for his well-being and balance. How to occupy … Read more