What do parrots need

what do parrots need

What do parrots need:  To prepare for the arrival of one or more birds and/or to improve their daily life, I have noticed that a lot of people wonder about the recommended dimensions of the habitat (cage, aviary, nest, etc.) must have depending on the size of the birds. I never get tired of answering … Read more

Diy brooder box

DIY brooder box: To make this DIY, you need: 2 nestable plastic containers with 1 cover. 1 immersible aquarium heater (25 w). Vivarium heating cord (the shortest). The thermostat with a probe to regulate the heating cable. Hygrometer. Thermometer. Tea towel (to put on the heating cord). Brooder for parrots 40 cm x 30 cm … Read more

Parrot Breeders

parrot breeders

HomParrot Breeders: I am sorry to see that the breeders want to throw in the towel. Today I am writing this article to give my support to all passionate and serious breeders and those who struggle at all times to keep their work and give back a good image to the breeders. Building a hook-billed … Read more

Diy parrot cage

diy bird cage

Diy parrot cage: Here is a magnificent realization of a breeding battery, it is composed of 4 boxes to accommodate 4 pairs of Catherine parakeets or other birds of equivalent size. This breeding battery was carried out with brio by our friend Claude Z, an active member of the Bird and You forum. It is cheap, amateurish, and … Read more

How to make a parrot nest

how to make a parrot nest

How to make a parrot nest: Making a nest is quite simple to do and above all, you don’t need to be a great handyman to do it. All you need is a little time, a wooden plate (non-toxic), some materials to make the cuts, a few nails or screws, and of course a little … Read more

Making bird nests

making bird nests

Making bird nests: Nesting for parakeets or parrots by Cédric13, member of the Bird and You forum. This topic is valid for anyone wishing to build a box nest for their birds. It is oriented to the needs of the Youyou, but by adapting the size of the nest, the flight hole, and the thickness of … Read more

Parrot Egg candling

Candling eggs in parakeets

Parrot Egg candling: When our birds lay eggs, it is quite natural because they want to have babies. But also because we wanted this happy event to happen. And so as not to have false hopes, we, therefore, appreciate knowing if these eggs will succeed or if there is nothing to expect from them. Egg candling is … Read more

Cage: Our selection for parakeets

Cage Our selection for parakeets

In a previous article ( here ), I mentioned the 3 important criteria for me to choose the right cage. On the other hand, I had not given an example of a cage that can be found on the market. I wanted to wait for feedback from users to find out more and to express myself on it … Read more

Materials needed for Hand Breeding parrot

Materials needed for Hand Breeding parrot

Here is the list of materials needed for the Materials needed Hand Breeding parrot : Breeder It keeps the chicks warm until they are feathered. The temperature of the brooder should be set according to the age of the chick, the more the chick grows the less heat it needs. So if you have several chicks of … Read more

How to train a parrot

How to train a parrot

  How to train a parrot: In this Article: Preparing for Success Using Basic Training Strategies Trying Variations to Get the Parrot on a Perch Teaching Your Parrot to Speak Related Articles References Any parrot training itself is as unique as the bird you adopted. Each parrot has its own personality and will require a … Read more