Catherine Parakeet

Catherine Parakeet

All about the Catherine parakeet 

It is called parakeet Catherine or parrotlet Catherine or even striped parakeet. It is a familiar little parakeet, robust, and not noisy.

Its song is very soft and looks more like twittering.

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Despite her calm, she is also playful, active, and needs stimulation (branches, toys, etc.). Often it is observed leaning on its perch, head down and tail raised. She loves to snuggle up in tents as you can see here, or under our sweaters …

Her indolence can sometimes suggest that she is not in good health, but it is not.

Catherine the beggar parakeet

Catherine’s parakeet is suitable for beginners. In addition, it is easily tamed, especially if you practice.
For its housing, a cage of 1m long X 50cm wide is a minimum for a couple. However, it can live in a community aviary with species such as cockatiels and euphemism (turquoises, Bourke, splendid…).

Catherine parakeet sexing

This is not easy to recognize in Catherine’s parakeets. However, some breeders watch the amount of black on the tail and shoulders. Little black could be a sign of a female and vice versa. Regularly, some birds are therefore judged incorrectly in terms of sex. If you want to be completely sure then it is best to let a DNA sex test be done.

Catherine parakeet: cobalt male and purple female

Ps: This method of observing the black of the tail is not possible with inos, turquoises inos, or gray wings.

On the other hand, it is also possible to sex the young in the nest. However, you need couples with very specific mutations and experience …


The Catherine parakeet is an attractive bird from different angles, both as a pet, for breeding, and for lovers of mutations. It is no wonder that this is a very popular species. That said, it is an excellent bird that I recommend. “do not hesitate to make your choice”.

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Catherine parakeet technical sheet

Geographical distribution America (Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia)
Family Psittacidae
Scientific name Bolborhynchus lineola
Physical description The wild type has a green body streaked with black. There are several mutations of green, blue, yellow
Life expectancy +/- 10 years
Cut On average 16 cm
Weight 50-60g
Sexual dimorphism There are some mutations (blue, green): the presence of more black on the 2 central rectrices and the shoulders – No dimorphism for the inos, turquoise inos, or gray wings
Sexual maturity around 10 months (or even before), for reproduction wait at least 1 year
Number of eggs 4 to 6 eggs (up to 10), once every other day
Incubation time 21 to 23 days
Food A mixture of seeds for parakeets, fruits, vegetables, wild plants (dandelion, plantain, alfalfa …)


  • Young parakeets Catherine and I
  • Cuddling session with the baby parakeets Catherine


  • My parakeet Catherine takes a shower in the palm of my hand:

We have a great affection for the Catherine parakeet and many of us have it. To find out more join our forum here.