Choosing a cage for a pet parrot

What headache before choosing a cage 

Who hasn’t looked for a long time to choose a cage for their pet bird?

I have been there too and I can assure you that this step is a real headache. Several questions are mingled in our little head, we first think of the adequate size of the cage, then the place where we are going to put it, then depending on this place, the criteria before can change. And to complicate the research, even more, we think of the aesthetic side, so the cage must also be “design” and that matches our decoration. Meanwhile, the bird is forgotten (lol) …

In short, it’s real torture deep inside us and it’s quite human. We want to do well to prepare for the arrival of the bird. Especially since this purchase can represent a significant investment in some cases. So often we do not have the right to make mistakes, otherwise, we will have to save more to buy another cage.

To save you from errors of choice and at the same time to give you objective feedback based on my own experience, I will list below the important criteria to respect in order to choose your cage well.

3 criteria for choosing a cage

1: Spacious cage

The cage must be spacious for the development of your birds and my motto “The bigger, the better” especially in terms of languor, knowing that a bird flies horizontally.

According to my research and as a general rule, the width is at least equal to 2 times the wingspan of the bird that occupies the cage. To be more precise, here are the recommended reference dimensions according to the size and weight of your bird: (Length X width X height)

  • Small size with weight less than 70g: 60 X 60 X 60
  • Medium size, with a weight between 70 g and 200 g: 100 X 60 X 60.
  • Large size: 180 X 60 X h 60. Bars diameter 2.5 to 3 mm, spaced 2.5 cm.

These dimensions are indicative, if you have space and the means, always take larger for the pleasure of your bird.

→ Spacious cage = happy bird and happy owner.

2: Practical cage

This criterion is often forgotten because we are exhilarated and in a hurry to have the bird. We often stop at the first criterion (the size of the cage) to choose a cage without necessarily thinking of the constraints related to cleaning the cage.

Certainly, the cage must be spacious, but in my eyes, it must be also practical for simple, fast maintenance. This will avoid postponing what we can do today until tomorrow 🙂

To choose a practical cage, here are the important points to respect:

  • The cage door should be large enough for easy access inside and for the bird to emerge perched on one hand.
  • the cage must have a removable drawer, for easy, quick, and stress-free cleaning.
  • the cage should have feeders and drinkers that are easy to access and preferably from outside.
  • It is better to choose a cage with a flat roof, this will allow the storage of objects to optimize space.
  • the cage should be light and easy to move.

If the cage is not practical, which requires a lot of time/energy to maintain and this despite your enthusiasm, there is a risk that your daily life with your birds will turn into a chore.

→ Practical cage = Zero chores

3: Secure cage

The cage is the place where the bird will spend most of its time, it must be as secure as possible. Here are the important points to respect:

  • The space between the bars must not allow the bird to stick its head through them, at the risk of getting stuck and suffocating. As a general rule, the space between the bars should be less than 1.9 cm for medium species. Tip: You can use your two fingers of your index and middle fingers to check the gap. If the two fingers do not fit, the spacing is good). For parrots, the space between the bars is 2.5 cm.
  • Watch out for doors that open very simply. Parakeets and parrots are intelligent birds, and they’ll soon find out how to get out.

Your bird is important to you, so think about its safety and don’t overlook any detail.

→ Safe cage = safe bird 


 It is very important to choose a cage  for your pet bird that meets the criteria below.

Criteria # 1 and # 3 are essential for the well-being of your bird. While criterion n ° 2 is especially for us as a bird owner.

It is also necessary to think about our comfort when choosing a cage. So keep in mind that it is us who clean it, move it and maintain it …

Personally all my cages and aviaries are of this “practical” type. I guarantee you that it really helped me in my passion which does not stop growing.

Here is  our selection of cage for parakeets