Two rare parrots on the endangered species list

The military macaw parrot and the great green macaw found in Central and South America will be better protected.

US authorities have placed two rare macaw parrots on the endangered species list, the Fisheries and Wildlife Service (FWS) said on Thursday. Poaching and the disappearance of their habitat are the main reasons.

This ruling makes it illegal to kill or injure these macaws. Importation or exportation of this breed from the United States without a permit is also prohibited. This measure “ensures that American citizens or people under the jurisdiction of the United States do not contribute to aggravate the decline of these two species,” said the FWS.

The military macaw, found in the tropical forests of Mexico and South America, is thought to number 6,000 to 13,000 specimens scattered in fragmented habitats over large areas. Some groups have only a hundred birds.

The great green macaw which also lives in Central America and parts of northern South America has far fewer specimens: it is estimated that there are only 1000 to 3000 birds in Colombia, Costa Rica, in Ecuador, Nicaragua and Panama.

This decision will be published in the official journal on Friday and will take effect on November 2.