Choosing a pet bird

Choosing a pet bird: Lifestyle, environment, and family are some of the points that come into consideration when considering choosing a pet bird. Whatever species it belongs to, adopting or acquiring an animal must be a carefully considered decision.This is also the case when it is a bird. The choice must be seriously studied, taking into account several aspects. How to choose a pet bird?

Choosing a parrot

What living environment will you offer your future feathered companion? The issue, when it comes to choosing a pet bird, is that there is no incompatibility between, on the one hand, your lifestyle and your personality, and other, the character, needs, and specificities of the animal.

For example, if you are not the type to tolerate unwanted noise, you can orient yourself towards species of birds reputed to be quieter than the others. The Bourke Parakeet and the Turquoisine Parakeet are part of it. The Kakariki Parakeet also.

But beware, silent or discreet does not mean “dumb”. Besides, no bird is complete. All of them need to express themselves and communicate, but some do it less intensely and less voluminously than others. Sound and song preferences are also taken into account.

Space is another criteria to include when choosing a pet bird. If you have enough to install a large aviary, you can turn to large and more active birds.

Otherwise, prefer small birds which can be satisfied with smaller cages. It also depends on the number of individuals you plan to raise.

Pet parrot 

SOURCE: African Grey Parrot Pet

Your availability

All birds, whatever their species, need your presence, your care, and your attention. Some, however, require less maintenance and availability than others.

This is the case of the Canary and the Mandarin Diamond, among others. If you do not have a lot of time to devote to your future pet bird on a daily basis, prefer this kind of variety.

If you are more available and are willing (e) to give him more interactions, you can choose an active and talkative bird-like Macaws ( Ara blue and yellowHyacinth Macaw …) or Gray Gabon.

Presence of children

Choosing a pet birdChoosing a pet bird

Also, choose your pet bird depending on whether you have children or not. There are species that are better suited for very young children, like the elegant Cockatiel. The latter is known for her calm and affectionate character.

For slightly older children, it is possible to turn to parrots, because of their intelligence and the quality of the interactions they can have with them.

In all cases, it is necessary to teach your child to respect the bird, and not to have fun disturbing it, because intrusions and agitation stress it enormously.

Where to buy your pet bird?

You can buy your future winged companion in pet stores or from a breeder.

In either case, you must be able to observe the animal, its general condition, its attitude, its reactions. The appearance of the feathers is a good indicator of health, as is the alertness of the bird.

Learn about the history of the animal (its parents, its date of birth …) and take advantage of your visit to assess its place of life: hygiene, number of birds per cage, etc.

You can also adopt a bird. Some shelters welcome and care for them until they find a family.

But not all associations do this. At the SPA, for example, it is estimated that a bird should not live in a cage, but in complete freedom, in its natural environment.

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