Derbyan parakeet

The Derbyan parakeet is a unique-looking and exquisitely adorable pet parrot. Once this sweet bird gets used to you and relaxes in his new home, he will quickly become a lovable and easygoing pet, with more than a few tricks and mimics.

With care, patience, and lots of attention, these parrots will become healthy, long-lived, and good-natured pet parrots. Their positive traits make them an excellent choice for a loving, friendly family.

The Derbyan parakeet is a relatively large breed, with adults reaching an average length of 20 inches (50 cm). Unlike the long tails of their close cousins, such as the Alexandrine Parakeet, their tails are slightly shorter, but still make up a large portion of their total body length.

An important fact is that there are clear and distinct differences between males and females. These are mainly the basis of color and help to make a quick choice when buying a pet.

  • Size: 20 inches
  • Lifespan: up to 30 years
  • Bird species: parrot
  • Colors: green, black/purple, and gray details
  • Sounds: vocal, mimicking, chattering
  • Interaction: social, emotional, playful, funny, feisty
  • Comparable Breeds: Alexandrine Parakeet, Sun Conure

Where do Derbyan parakeets live

derbyan parakeets

The Derbyan parakeet hails from the mountains of northeastern India, southeastern Tibet, and southern China, where they make their home in the coniferous alpine forests of the Himalayas.

This is due to high rates of deforestation, as well as a poaching trade largely stimulated by wealthy bird owners in China, where Derbyan parakeets are highly valued pets. While there are ongoing efforts to reintroduce them both in the wild and in captivity, the species remains vulnerable.

Although they live in remote areas, they are still a threatened breed. The biggest threats to their survival are poaching for illegal trade, and forest cutting, which disrupts their breeding habits.

Derbyan parakeet color

Derbyan parrot

These parrots are one of the most interesting when it comes to coloring. The wings, neck, legs, and back are mostly green, while their belly, chest, and heads are colored in a distinctive purplish-gray color.

The unique feature of the Derbyan Parakeet is the black facial stripes. One horoscope covers the forehead at eye level, while the more prominent, lower one covers the chin and neck area. One of the main differences between males and females is the beaks. Males have a rosy red beak, while females have a black one, giving them a slightly blunt look.

Their black stripes and unique color combinations make these parakeets one of the most interesting parrots out there.

Caring for a Derbyan parakeet

In the wild, these parrots enjoy a wide variety of seeds, berries, and fruits. In addition to your usual seed mixes, be sure to add a balanced dose of fresh fruits and green vegetables. Another thing to remember is to replace fresh drinking water regularly and provide occasional baths. A spacious and well-lit cage is a must, although the best option is to let them out of the cage.

What do Derbyan parrots eat?

Seeds and pellets are a staple in the Derbyan parakeet diet, but they also have a taste for variety and enjoy a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and legumes. Make sure to provide a balanced diet, mix it with foods such as skewers of berries and broccoli or fresh tropical fruits.

As with all birds, provide fresh water daily in addition to a healthy diet, and avoid foods such as avocado and chocolate, which are toxic to birds.

health and common conditions

derbyan parakeet breeders

Derbyan Tower can live up to 30 years. They will spend their lives without too many problems, thanks to their hardy and healthy nature, and their ability to adapt to different circumstances.

Their need for space, social interaction, and a balanced and healthy diet should not be neglected. As a sign of precaution, watch out for these possible symptoms – apathy, crusty eyes, sallowness, or sloppy breathing. As always, good hygiene is a top priority and ensures that you don’t develop skin diseases affecting your pet.

This parrot has an even personality. They are calm and affectionate but also very pleasant and intelligent as well.

What is the Behaviour of a Derbyan parakeet?

This is one of the quieter, but still very intelligent and energetic parrot breeds. They may take a little longer to adjust and socialize with their new owner and environment, but when they do, you will know their sweet and playful side.

It is, in general, a parrot with well-balanced traits – it is energetic, inquisitive, and loves to play, but it can also be surprisingly affectionate, calm, and lovable. With enough attention and love, you’ll slowly get to know your pet and fall in love faster.

SOURCE: BirdTricks

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