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How to choose a pet parrot: This is the famous question that haunts us when deciding to choose a parakeet or a parrot.

We spend our time looking for information on the net and most of the time they contradict each other … In short, it’s real torture for those who want to do well in order to choose a bird.

However, before embarking on tedious research, it is necessary to define your selection criteria to orient yourself towards a species of bird that will suit your lifestyle as much as possible.

Rest assured, there are no one species that is completely perfect, so it’s up to you to sort it out based on your selection criteria.

This is the reason why in this article I offer you several important criteria to help you in your search for the bird of your dreams.

Parrot size

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Size is an important criterion in choosing a pet bird. Know that parakeets and parrots are classified into three categories according to their size. But all belong to the same family of Psittacidae (parrots):

I guess you guessed that depending on the size of the bird, its everyday needs are not the same.

A large parrot requires more space for these installations (cage/aviary, toys, accessories, etc.).

All the more so since you have to be comfortable with the species chosen in relation to this size criterion. Knowing that some people prefer small species or the other way around.

Parrot Noise

Parrot Noise

Pet parrot

Another decisive criterion for choosing a companion bird. The bird can express itself in different ways depending on its species and its current mood.

By chirping, singing, or speaking … But also by unpleasant cries, hence the importance of taking this parameter into account when choosing your parakeet or parrot.

To do this, you must first determine your own tolerance for noise, the tolerance of your family, and even that of your neighbors if you live in an apartment.


  • Some species are louder than others. However, it may happen that an individual of a species known to be noisy is calmer than another individual of another species known to be calm.
  • The bird’s environment matters a lot. A bird will not have fun screaming for no reason but rather to express a need or an uneasiness.  basic needs are not met and will tend to scream no matter the species.

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Parrot Talk

Green Cheek Conure Ability To Talk

Pet parrot

We find that the word is a criterion that comes up most often. See the most important for some people to choose a pet bird.

It is very important to know that an individual of a species who usually speaks very well may not be able to pronounce a word. While another individual of a species that does not usually speak can sometimes start to say a few words.

For me, what matters above all else is his well-being!

Parrot Bite

parrot bite

Pet parrot

Parakeets and parrots can bite. However, a well-socialized bird will never bite for no reason. If he does, it is because he feels threatened or disturbed or to get your attention (a bad habit).
But don’t worry, to remedy this bad behavior, we invite you to read this article: Teach your bird not to bite

Parrot lifespan

Most parrots are very time-consuming. If you don’t have time at all for your bird, you should question this acquisition.

Instead, head towards the straight beaks (canaries, mandarins…). That being said, I would say that even with a full schedule, one could acquire a pet bird. You just have to make sure that the bird keeps its independence.

Not to mention that Psittacidae are gregarious, that is to say, they like to live in groups and they need company.

So the best would be to take a congener in stride or sometime later. It’s a solution to avoid boredom and at the same time, it’s more pleasant to see them evolve together.

Ps: The lifespan of a parakeet is estimated on average between 10 years and 15 years and that of the parrot between 50 years and 80 years.

Parrot adopt

pet parrot

Pet parrot

A tame bird is usually close to humans, however, depending on the species the human/bird interaction is different. Some will accept contact more easily than others.

Another important point to consider when choosing a pet bird. Some species are monogamous, meaning that they choose a mate and unite for life.

The master of the bird usually becomes its partner. It is, therefore, possible that subsequently, the bird becomes aggressive with other members of the family.

Some species are more likely than others to be. It is also good to know that it is not because you are the one paying the bird that it will necessarily be your favorite in the family.

If you hesitate on the choice of your future parakeet or parrot or you have questions on the subject, leave me a comment and I will answer them with pleasure.


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