Diy brooder box

DIY brooder box: To make this DIY, you need:

  • 2 nestable plastic containers with 1 cover.
  • 1 immersible aquarium heater (25 w).
  • Vivarium heating cord (the shortest).
  • The thermostat with a probe to regulate the heating cable.
  • Hygrometer.
  • Thermometer.
  • Tea towel (to put on the heating cord).

Manufacture of a breeder for baby parrot

Brooder for parrots

40 cm x 30 cm by 25 cm high brooder.

breeder 1Diy brooder box

The 2 trays (one of which has small holes in the bottom using a heated screwdriver) + the cover.

breeder 2

The famous holes… Do not use a drill because the plastic could break.

breeder 3

The hygrometer stick under the cover …

breeder 4

The thermostat, essential for connecting and regulating the heating cable.

breeder 5

The aquarium heater with incorporated a thermostat, to heat the water that will be at the bottom of the bottom tank. The smallest is enough (25 w) for the small volume of water to be heated.

The positioning of the two glass ramekins which serve as wedges so that the top tank does not touch the water. And installation of the water heater.

breeder 8Diy brooder box

Installation of the tray (with holes) from above.


Hole in the top pan to pass the heating cord. Hole in the top tray to pass the thermostat probe.

Passage of the heating cord.

Installation of a grid or netting to protect the cord (superfluous).

breeder 14

Thermostat thermal probe Passage of the probe.

Laying a tea towel on the cord.

breeder 18

The brooder is ready for use, after filling the bottom tray with lukewarm water, to just below the top tray.

breeder 19

Note :

  • Warning: the water level drops by evaporation and it is necessary, approximately every two days, to add lukewarm water so that the heating is always submerged.
  • To have a good humidity level around 55-65%, the adjustment is made by opening the cover more or less, which must be ajar.
  • I put the babies in plastic bins (with tissues and soft toys)… that I put on the tea towel.

Ps: the breeders made in the aquariums are not humid enough and it is necessary to ban the heating light lamps to respect the sleep of the babies …

Parrot Brooder Box DIY- Make Your Own Brooder Box

SOURCE: Sandra Kay

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