Eclectus parrot

Eclectus parrot are remarkably suited (perhaps the most suited…) as pet birds. They are intelligent, much less noisy and destructive than other parrots, they learn to speak perfectly, and they are independent, with a very endearing personality. Not to mention they’re incredible beauty…

Origin: Australia, New Guinea

Size: 40 cm
Legal status: Annex 2 Cites

Eclectus parrot male vs female

These magnificent birds are known to have very varied personalities depending on the individual.

But in general, Eclectus are calm, serene birds, both cautious and quite curious. A word about their astonishing sexual dimorphism:

the male (green) and the female (red and blue) are totally different, so much so that the scientific community has long believed that they are two different species. In any case, it is very difficult to say which is the most beautiful.

eclectus parrot male vs female

Eclectus parrot personality

Eclectus are generally curious and inquisitive. They love to explore their environment and be close to family activities. And if they decide to take a big nap, installed like a Buddha on their perch, don’t get me wrong, they will never stop following you with one eye.

This form of a clear conscience is a characteristic trait of the Eclectus. These birds are also sensitive to gaze, moods, and tone of voice.

When they want to be quiet, these interactions may be enough for them. This does not prevent having more extensive exchanges, they will love, for example, the play and training sessions.

Generally speaking, Eclectus are most comfortable in a calm and quiet environment, with a fairly precise routine.

eclectus parrot female

Eclectus parrot female


eclectus parrot male

Eclectus parrot male

Eclectus parrot behavior

However, they are perfectly capable of adapting to a hectic life (travel, journey, etc.), but with serenity! Generally speaking, Eclectus will rather run than bite.

They are not violent! These birds are curious enough to develop a relationship with each member of the family, which makes them easy birds to integrate.

As Eclectus are sensitive birds, beware of causes of stress that can lead them to develop pecking-type behaviors.

Their voice is particularly soft, very precise, curiously resembling that of a little girl. They are generally calm, but nevertheless capable of very powerful cries (fortunately very rare).

Eclectus parrot talk

eclectus parrot for adoption

The Eclectus is capable of becoming good talker, with a clear voice close to the human voice (this is a spectacular point).

Some observers place it at the head of talking birds. However, it seems to us that it is more than ever a matter of individual particularism.

Eclectus parrot training

Eclectus, compared to many other species of parrots, have few requirements. This makes them birds very suitable for family life.

However, to fight against their tendency to introversion, it is very important to interact constantly, with simple exchanges, caresses (in the direction of the feathers only), sweet words, games, and training sessions.

The shower remains an important point. This will give you the opportunity to get a closer look at their amazing fur-like plumage. These birds also have a more gradual moult than other parrots. They also shed less feather dust.

Diet for eclectus parrots

Eclectus are big eaters, and feeding time is usually a big party. This craze for food also facilitates training sessions. There is no doubt that the way to touch the heart of an Eclectus goes through his stomach!

Their nature is rather sedentary, and they can tend to gain a little weight. On the other hand, these birds are essentially frugivorous, and it is essential to distribute fruits and vegetables, accompanied by a mixture of seeds and/or granules.

red Eclectus ideal family

These birds, relaxed and relaxed, will be very happy in a rather calm family, and this in an apartment or in a house. Their great serenity, their curious spirit and their intelligence will not leave you indifferent.
And above all, you will not get tired of their incredible colors.

Blue Eclectus Parrot

SOURCE: Think About

Eclectus parrot for adoption

A parrot is not adopted lightly. You should know that you agree to take care of an animal for a much longer period than the life of a cat or a dog since these birds can live 30 to 80 years depending on the species.

lifespan of an eclectus parrot

Parrot Eclectus price

Eclectus parrots are the easiest parrots to identify due to their extreme dimorphism. Males are distinctly green while females are red. These magnificent birds can be purchased for an average of $1,500. The rare Solomon Islands Eclectus can be had for around $20,000.

  • Great Eclectus
  • Red eclectus on the side
  • Solomon Islands eclectusEclectus Vosmaeri

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