How does parrot talk

How does parrot talk: The parrot living in its natural state uses cries to alert of danger and find a partner with whom it will remain throughout its life. Initially, its ability to imitate allows it to deceive its predators by reproducing a cry close to another animal. So much so that the parrot living in contact with humans is able to reproduce the same sounds as us.

Parrots are one of the few animals that can use human language. They are indeed able to repeat our words very precisely. However, parrots don’t just repeat words heard or learned by their masters. Thus, they reuse our words to send us a specific message or share an emotion.

The parrot, therefore, has the ability to repeat a large number of words. One of the world’s most famous parrots, Alex knew no fewer than 150 English words, understood over 1,000, and recognized colors when shown them. However, parrots repeat words based on a specific context, related to a habit or emotion they know. If, for example, you repeat “Good evening” to him every morning instead of “Hello”, there is little chance that your parrot will use the word hello…

Each “sentence” or group of words, therefore, corresponds to an action (say “meal” to him and give him a treat), an emotion (say “I adore you” to him and give him a hug), a context (“Hi” when you arrive). So you can’t have a constructed conversation with a parrot because the sounds they make are simply attached to a context.

How to teach a parrot to talk

Parrot talk

While all parrots have the ability to speak, some are more talkative than others. The African grey parrot is one of the most gifted species in this area.

Be patient

Parrots will not utter a word for 7-8 months. Until their 5th month, they will only cry. Finally, they only become aware of language in their first year.

Contrary to popular belief, age seems to have little importance in learning. Adults have the same learning capacity as younger ones.

Be a forerunner of his learning

You are the forerunner of your parrot’s training. A solicited parrot, growing up in an environment conducive to learning, will be better able to develop its speaking skills.

It is necessary to speak to him frequently, taking care to articulate well. You must make him hear as many things as possible, taking care to associate each word with a concept. If you’re unhappy with him and use the word “DAMN” every time, he’ll understand every time you use it that you’re angry. But do not change the word along the way to “THIN” for example. Your parrot wouldn’t understand.

Use the reward system

As soon as your parrot uses a word correctly, you definitely need to reward it so that it understands that it did the right thing. The best way is still candy. If you never encourage him, he won’t know if he behaved well.

Choose treats that are not part of his “classic” diet. He will quickly understand that this difference corresponds to an unusual situation.

Pay attention to the terms used

It is not uncommon for our parrots to repeat unexpected words like swear words that we repeat mechanically. You must, as for a child, pay attention to the language you use in his presence, at the risk of seeing your parrot insult your friends…!

SOURCE: African Grey Parrot Pet

Why is my parrot not talking

Language learning is risky and difficult work. Under no circumstances should you adopt a parrot just in the hope that it will communicate with you. You may be disappointed! Unfortunately, many masters abandon their parrots because they can’t talk.

Some parrots are more prone than others to talk. You need to be patient and persistent.

To conclude, all parrots can pronounce words in human language but some have a better capacity than others. Learning the language is long and you must show tenacity and patience. With a good method, you will get your parrot to learn words. On the other hand, adopting a parrot should never be to satisfy your desire to communicate with it. If your parrot doesn’t talk, that’s okay!

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