Pearly conure

Pearly conure ( Pyrrhura lepida Wagler, 1832 ) is a bird of the Psittacidae family.

Order : Psittaciformes
Family : Psittacidae
Genus : Pyrrhura
Scientific name : Pyrrhura lepida
Quote : ( Wagler , 1832)
Protonimo : Sittace lepida


This species, with a size of 24 cm, is characterized by the absence of the red shield, with a bluish green chest and belly, blue cheeks, and a golden mark in the periauricular area and by the lower part of the green wing instead of red. It occurs in three subspecies :

P. l. lepida, nominal subspecies described;
P. l. anerythra, similar to the previous one but with green chest, belly, and cheeks with a few shades of blue;
P. l. Coerulescens, similar to the lepida, but with a brownish forehead and crown.



Lives in northeastern Brazil. The lepida subspecies is widespread from north-eastern Pará to north-western Maranhão, the coerulescens live in the eastern and central Maranhão and the anerythra is encountered only in eastern Pará.


Pearly conure generally lives in moist forests. The species has been observed in forest edges, open areas, and second growth.

They are seen in flocks of up to ten birds, especially in places where food is plentiful.


probably catkins, berries, and flowers.


Its natural habitat consists of dense primary forests, however, it also adapts to deforested environments. It lays 3-4 eggs in the hollow trunks which are incubated for 23 days; the “newbies” take off at about 7 weeks of life.


pearly conures

The Pearly conure is found in damp forests, forest edges, and in growing young forests. There it is usually found flying through the canopy in noisy flocks or quietly foraging near fruit-bearing trees.

Conservation Status

The IUCN categorizes the species as vulnerable.

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