Successful cohabitation between many conure


Successful cohabitation between 3 pyrrhura conures

When you see these 3 pyrrhura conures, you imagine that they have known each other for a long time !!!

Well no!

The pyrrhura opaline in the center is the newcomer to the name of Opia. He was hand-raised, unfortunately, he was driven mad by the confinement. He fled from a man like a plague.

In short, he was mistreated by his ex-owner.

This is the reason why Claire Rougier (active member of our Facebook page ) struggled for several weeks to get it back. Despite the risks that this entailed vis-à-vis his binomial pyrrhura EPP. In this situation, the heart was stronger than the reason.

Claire handled the arrival of Opia well. The bird had its personal space (cage, toys …) the time to tame its new environment and get to know the other pyrrhura from a distance.

At the time of the joint outings, the pair immediately accepted the newcomer. The latter was under the protection of one of them. On the other hand, During the first night when it was time to sleep, Opia was being kicked out of the nest. So for his safety, he found himself isolated in his cage. But the next day, she directly cohabited with the others in the large cage.

It was then that I was able to interact with the happy owner of the trio. She asked me for some advice in relation to my feedback with my pyrrhura TO and Tica couple.

And yes, there are some who follow what I write lol.

Following his account, I found that the situation was not alarming, so I was not worried. Saying all signals were green to try another approach.

Soon after, everything is back to normal and the pyrrhura trio coexists very well. The 3 pyrrhrua share the same nest at night. This case is a good example of a successful cohabitation.

The cohabitation of birds is a subject that has always interested me whether it is to form a new couple or to integrate a new member into a group. Each situation is unique, so the way of presenting the newcomer must be thought out, even studied.

Well, I assure you, it’s not at all complicated, but you have to do it step by step. In my opinion, observation and patience are your best allies to unlock each situation.


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