Bourke’s parakeet

Bourke's parakeet

The Bourke’s parakeet has a certain success with individuals, all over the world! It must be said that it is quite charming with its soft and pastel colors. Would you like to know more before making the decision to adopt a parakeet? Find out everything there is to know about the Bourke’s parakeet. The Bourke’s … Read more

Adopting parakeets

Adopting parakeets

Adopting parakeets: Sociable and intelligent, the parakeet is an animal that does not leave you insensitive. But be careful not to let this bird live alone, as it absolutely needs the company of its fellow creatures. Here are all our tips to ensure the well-being of your parakeets. Depending on the variety, the parakeet comes … Read more

How long does parakeet live

How long does parakeet live

How long does parakeet live: Parakeets are pleasant pet birds that you will enjoy watching. When you make the decision to adopt parakeets, you are committing to the long term. Because some species can live for decades. It is therefore an element to take into consideration when making your choice. Find out what is parakeet … Read more

Parakeet vs parrot

parakeet vs parrot

Parakeet vs parrot: Many people often confuse parakeets and parrots, but there are several key differences. The parakeets, of which there are about sixty species, are native to Australia. Parrots, on the other hand, come in different sizes and can be found all over the world. There are other key distinctions you will need to be aware of. Here … Read more

Parakeet male and female

Parakeet male and female

Parakeet male and female: The parakeet is a pet bird that has become very popular over the years. It must be said that their sociable and friendly character as well as their attractive physique have everything to seduce! When you’ve made the decision to adopt a parakeet, you may wonder whether it’s best to choose … Read more

Parakeet male or female

parakeet male and female

Parakeet male or female: Sexual dimorphism (difference in appearance between males and females of a species) is not a rule that can be applied to all parrot species, as most of them cannot tell the difference at first glance between males and females, this only being possible by analysis or an expert. Palpable differences in … Read more



Adopting a parakeet is a good idea! But how do you choose a parakeet that’s right for you? What is the behavior of this parakeet? Which cage is ideal for this species of a parakeet? Does she make a lot of noise? Is she affectionate with her master? Is this species recommended for beginners? If you … Read more

Lineolated parakeet

lineolated parakeet

Barred Parakeet is also known as lineolated parakeet It is called Catherine parakeet or parrotlet Catherine or even striped parakeet. It is a familiar little parakeet, robust, and not noisy. Its song is very soft and looks more like twittering. Despite her calm, she is also playful, active, and needs stimulation (branches, toys, etc.). Often it is … Read more

Reproduction of Catherine parakeets

Reproduction of Catherine parakeets

Before broaching the subject of Reproduction of Catherine parakeets following my feedback, know that the Catherine parakeet is a bird that is beginning to settle in our homes. Just like the other common parakeets such as cockatiels, wavy birds, and lovebirds … This finding does not surprise me, because it is a playful, clownish, and above all … Read more

The magic of genetics in the Catherine parakeet

Catherine parakeet spieces

The magic of genetics in the Catherine parakeet: Here is a news story that I experienced with my birds. This time it was genetics in the Catherine parakeet. This species offers a wide range of colors ( mutations ). Green, blue, lutino, cremini, white, and purple with or without dark factors. Without forgetting the Gray … Read more