Parakeet lineolated

Parakeet lineolated: also known as the Barred parakeet or the Catherine parakeet is a small hook-billed bird. Native to Central America, more specifically Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, and Peru, the Parakeet lineolated  is also called the Catherine Parakeet and is also listed as Bolborhynchus lineola in specialized books.

It is a parakeet belonging to the Psittacidae family. This small-sized parakeet usually has bright green plumage, striped with black. There are also birds of this species in other colors such as the Blue Catherine Parakeet.

Lineolated parakeet personality

The Parakeet lineolated measures 15 to 16 cm and its weight varies between 50 and 60 grams. Its rounded body has a small tail. Its round, black eyes are highlighted by its brightly colored feathers adorned with a dark mark on the shoulder. In their densely vegetated natural habitat, this allows them to camouflage themselves to escape predators.

Over time, mutations have made it possible to obtain new colors such as lutino, turquoise, cobalt, olive green, dark green, and cremino. Recently, the appearance of a new mutation made it possible to obtain the edged (translated into gray wings).

For this race, the distinction between males and females is a delicate task, because sexual dimorphism is not very pronounced.

Although certain observations, such as body size or the number of feathers, can determine the sex of a Parakeet lineolated, this is not a scientifically exact method. Endoscopy or DNA analysis is the only way to establish with certainty the genus on which this bird depends.

Sexual maturity is reached around ten months, but it is advisable to wait until the age of one and a half years to attempt a first mating. The female, when she lives in her natural environment, nests during December in the hollows of trees, which she arranges with plants and branches that she has previously transported in her feathers.

In captivity, these little parakeets will breed in all seasons. The laying represents between 4 and 7 eggs and the female incubates them for about 22 days.

lineolated parakeet colors

The character of this little bird is calm and gentle and makes the Parakeet lineolated one of the favorite pet parrots of many homes. Easy to tame, he is very skilled in the art of reproducing sounds and can even, with a little perseverance, learn songs.

Very smart, he loves to climb and play to perform all sorts of acrobatics. Moreover, he preferred to move by flying only when necessary!

Contrary to many popular beliefs, this little bird will bind an unfailing attachment to the one who spends time in its company rather than to the one who is content to feed it.

Well-educated, once adulthood is reached, it can even be stroked on the head without fear of being bitten. Here is a video presenting the behavior of the Parakeet lineolated.

Lineolated Parakeet cage

parakeet lineolated

Which cage to choose for a Toui Catherine? Ideally, provide him with a large rectangular or square parakeet cage leaning against a wall in a living room that is well insulated, bright, and away from drafts. Avoid the kitchen or a bedroom, the Catherine parakeet likes to see what is going on in its family.

On the perch side, opt for those made of soft cement on top and rough below (also called therapeutic) rather than plastic ones which tend to irritate their little feet.

Your parakeet should also be able to bathe once or twice a week in lukewarm water, in a shallow dish, or in the mist from a spray bottle. This activity must be carried out under supervision to avoid taking place at night because by going to rest with wet feathers, your bird could catch a cold.

Lineolated Parakeet food

How to feed a Toui Catherine? What does a Catherine parakeet eat? A real foodie, the Touï Catherine eats a lot for a small bird!

Whether it’s seed mixtures (millet, flax, sesame, saffron, canary seed, oats, buckwheat, and without sunflower), fresh fruits and vegetables (carrots, spinach leaves, cucumbers, corn, salad, cooked peas, beans cooked) or sprouted seeds, it will be necessary to take care of its daily diet. Also note that they should be given fresh water every day, as they are birds that drink a lot.

As you will have understood, adopting a pet bird is not a trivial choice. You must ensure that you have enough time to take care of your Touï Catherine. It is a long-term commitment that should not be neglected. The Parakeet lineolated is one of the most recommended birds for beginners, thanks to its calm and docile character, but it is not a plush for all that. To better understand the handling of your animal, do not hesitate to learn the gestures to know to approach the birds.

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