Small parrots

Small parrots:  The world of birds is characterized by many different species and breeds. Each has its own instinct and characteristics that distinguish it from others.

Parrots live in warm regions all over most countries of the world and are abundant in Australia, Central America, and South America, and many types of parrots are kept as pets, especially the budgerigar, conure parrots, and cockatiels,

These birds have been more popular throughout history because they are intelligent and highly charismatic, and some birds can imitate many voices, including the human voice.

In this article, we will show you the most popular small-sized parrots. It is one of the most common types of parrots in the world, due to its cheap price compared to other species or the speed of its reproduction.



The budgerigar is one of the small parrots that are often kept in cages and its name literally means small parrots. These parrots have a wide range of colors including blue, yellow, dark green, violet, and white, and can be found all over the world, but the original type From it you find in Southeast Asia.

the budgie parrot is one of the best-known types of parrots in the United States, and of all types of parrots, the budgerigar may be the easiest to care for, and pet store owners often call it the beginner’s bird, and it is called Also the name of the common parakeet,

and the parrot is a small, colorful, very sociable, and loves to speak and whistle, and it is wonderful in memorizing words and phrases, especially the male budgerigar, and on the other hand, the specialty of the female parrot is whistling.

The budgerigar is one of the most widespread parrots in the world, due to its availability and very reasonable price in all countries of the world.

There are many different mutations and colors, including many very rare mutations and hybrid colors, which we will address in another topic.



The lovebird parrot is one of the most common types of parrots, and it is undoubtedly the lovebird. There are nine types of lovebirds, all of which are small parrots. They have short and blunt tail feathers, which increases their plump appearance.

Lovebirds come in different colors, and some have green feathers and faces. Orange, these parrots are vibrant and fun to look at, and their bright appearance matches their personality. As their name suggests, lovebirds are very affectionate.

Their name comes from the strong affection and bond they form with their mates. As pets, they desire a lot of freedom and need a spacious cage to fly in. around it.

Conure parrot


It is among the best types of medium-sized parrots and the most active and mobile to the point that sometimes you feel that it is a crazy bird because of its excessive activity, and it adapts to human life quickly.

Conure parrots are found on all continents, although many attribute them to South America, Mexico, and Brazil in particular because they found this type of parrot there for the first time.

This parrot is usually found in most parts of South and Central America, and it is one of the types of friendly and peaceful parrots that rarely fight with each other. Parrots to the owners of more experienced birds and it is not suitable for living in an apartment, with the exception of the conure with green cheeks,

it is actually calm and good and can live in the same apartment with you, and the conure parrot also has the ability to speak, but it is not as strong as other types of parrots, and species Conures are made up of more than 40 different species, all of which have their own unique characteristics.



The cockatiel parrot is one of the most popular types of parrots ever, and the cockatiel is also called a wire or Aquarion bird, and its native habitat is Australia, and in the twentieth century, it gained popularity as a household pet, and many began to raise it in captivity and export it to other countries,

the cockatiel parrot is a phrase About a small parrot with a gray body and a yellow face and orange cheeks, there are other color groups of breeding, but the gray cockatiel is the most common, and many people choose the cockatiel as a companion parrot because it is affectionate, and it is fun and gentle, but it needs a lot of your attention, and as social parrots, it needs Cockatiels are fond of whomever they talk to, otherwise, they may feel lonely.

The cockatiel’s primary coloration is gray in both males and females. Mature males have yellow heads and black feathers on the underside of their tails while mature females have a predominantly gray coloration on their heads with a few yellows On the underside of their tails are black feathers.

However, there are many other variations in color, which makes choosing between them fun, and the cockatiel is a sweet, elegant, easy-to-care-for, intelligent, fun bird, and the male cockatiel actually learns how to talk.


parrotlet pacific

The Parrotlet parrot is the smallest species of parrot and has almost the same personality as the Amazon parrot. Its length is less than 6 inches in length. It is one of the ideal types of bird due to its energy and gentle disposition.

It is entertaining and fun and can learn to speak and do many tricks. The Parrotlet parrot is one of the smallest species of parrots in the world.

The world and the strain contain many subspecies, but only two of them are common pets, namely the Pacific parrot and the green parrot, both of which are very small, and it is so small that they can probably be put in your pocket and despite their small size,

these Parrots are very feisty, and they won’t back down from a challenge, which is why most people don’t recommend putting a parrot in the same cage as another bird.

Caique parrot

caïque parrot

Did you know that among all kinds of parrots, there is one that people call the clown of the bird world? The harlequin is a caique, and the caique is a medium-sized parrot that is as mischievous as it is colorful.

There are two common species of caique, these are the black-headed caique and the white-bellied caique. Their wing feathers are green and their necks and legs are yellow.

The caique is very active, often stubborn towards pet owners, and is also very loud, and he may not be able to speak like other types of parrots, but his voice can be much louder.

This type of parrot is relatively new to the pet trade, but it was quickly able to make its mark in the world of parrots breeding, and it gained its popularity deservedly because of its colors and playful, active personality, as it is friendly and can talk, simply,

the caique parrot carries all the desired specifications in a pet parrot, and it is, in fact, A comical parrot who loves to move around the house, and is stubbornly making you need to set clear boundaries with him, as he has a strong personality.


Crimson Rosella

One of the beautiful and calm parrots, it is characterized by its wonderful and coordinated colors, in addition to its unobtrusive voice. He is also one of the parrots that like to imitate movements because he cannot repeat words easily like other species.

Senegal parrot

parrot senegal

The Senegal parrot is small with bright green feathers, some of which also have yellow to orange feathers, and its head is usually brown or gray, and it also has distinctive yellow eyes, and staring at it often looks intense, but this bird is very sociable, open and terrifying, and despite that,

Senegal parrots are relatively quieter than other parrot species and are not the type to scream. Instead, they like to whistle and knock quietly. Like most species of parrots, Senegal parrots feed on fruits and seeds, and for farmers, they can be pests, and this is often the case. Especially in Africa, where they breed and live.

It is a type of small parrot that has a strong beak and a full body, and it originally came from many environments in Africa. If you are looking for a bird that behaves like a large parrot but is more compact with it, and if you are willing to put some time and effort to win its love then this might be the one for you.

Which birds are right for you, these parrots are very similar, but they are also different in their own way. They are all excellent pets that share many similarities. We find this type of parrot sweet, comical, a bit acrobatic, and cuddly as well.

Quaker parrot

Quaker parrot

Quaker parrots are some species of parrots that live in cities and parks. Some groups of these birds nest in garden trees or power poles. However, some places consider them pests due to their large numbers.

And as pets, it needs a lot of chewing toys, and this is because these birds love to chew and may destroy your furniture. Another name for the monk parrot is the Quaker parrot. For some, it is normal behavior for them.

It is also known as the monk, and it is one of the domestic species that get along with humans very quickly. It is also very smart in training and can imitate and memorize many movements.

Indian Ringneck Parakeet

indian ringneck parrot

It’s native to Africa and parts of the Indian subcontinent. Now, however, it can be found in different parts of the world such as Europe and Japan. These birds love to nest in parks, gardens, and even holes in buildings. Because of their green plumage, Indian parrots may be difficult to spot.

Ring-necked when it sits on trees, and the name of this parrot comes from its distinctive mark around its neck, and male parrots have a pink band around the back of the neck, as some call this bird the pink-ringed parrot,

however, female birds do not have this ring, instead, They have pale necks, are one of the best-talking parrots, can learn over 200 words, and although they are not particularly affectionate, they are quick learners.

Meyer’s parrot 

Meyer's parrot

Many types of parrots are native to Africa, and Mayer’s parrot is one of them, Mayer’s parrot is small, and although it may not be a colorful parrot, it appeals to many because of its earthy colors, and it has brown feathers on its head, wings and back, and it has a green to the yellow body,

If you live in an apartment or a small space, you might want to consider getting Meyer’s parakeet.

This parrot is more comfortable than other birds and is less likely to bite people either. The Meyer parakeet is not talkative, but it can still learn human words and sounds, and it does not need to be groomed. The cage is also big, and if you give him some toys, he can be content to watch his surroundings while you play quietly.

King parrot

king parrot

When it comes to rare parrots, the Papuan king parrot is one of the most famous parrot species. The king parrot is small in size and has bright red plumage with green wings and blue accents.

Although it is very active, this bird is not very loud. Very, it is a very intelligent, friendly, and docile parrot, and as a pet, it is more suitable for the elderly than others, however, you will need a lot of space to allow this large bird to fly, and consider keeping it in a small spare room instead of a parrot cage, In this way, this active bird can play in a free and open space.

And its active playful personality, as it is also friendly and can talk, simply a caique parrot carries all the desired specifications in a pet parrot, it is in fact a comic parrot that loves to move around the house, being stubborn makes you need to set clear boundaries with it, as it has a strong personality.

Kakariki parrot


Another name for the kakariki parrot is the New Zealand parrot, and this bird contains many subspecies, all of which are native to New Zealand, and its name is kakariki in the Maori language, and in English,

it translates to the little parrot, and most kakariki parrots are green or yellow, and there is a famous subspecies called the red parrot It has yellow feathers with a bright red shade on its forehead, and it also has red spots on its cheeks, which makes it appear as if it is red from shyness,

kakariki parrots are kind, fun, and friendly parrots, and they can also imitate human speech, and apart from imitation, they also produce Sounds like soft murmurs, which many describe as gentle.

Hawk-headed parrot

hawk-headed parrot

The Hawk-headed Parrot, know also as Red Fan Parrot, is from the Amazon rainforest. This small parrot has a large head and beak. Its long square tail is very distinctive. It is one of the parrot species that have the most distinctive feather patterns.

The Hawk-headed Parrot has a white crest. , and a red neck with blue touches, while the throat is brown with white lines, and most of its front torso is red, while its back, wings, and tail are all green, and it has red and black spots here and there, and the hawk-headed parrot can also mimic human speech,

however, he is also blatant and will whistle at times, and when the parrot gets angry it will let you know about it, and these parrots tend to scream and wail when they are upset.

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