How to take care of parrot

How to take care of parrot: Owning a pet is a pleasure, which is not easy. If you want to adopt a parrot, you must avoid choosing it on a whim. You need to make sure you have the skills to take good care of it in your home. But do not panic! Here are some helpful tips to ensure your relationship with your pet parrot is as good for him as it is for you.

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Before adopting your parrot, you must prepare your home to welcome the animal. First, you need to choose the species and number of parrots to have. For a first purchase, it is preferable to opt for a unique parrot, preferably acquired from a breeder. He will be able, better than the owner of a pet store, to give you advice adapted to the parrot and its life in a house.

Before going to remove the chosen parrot, you will need to do extensive research on its species. You will need to provide his cage, large enough for him to fly in. You will have to position it well in the house, away from windows for example so that it is not in constant fear of external dangers. Once this preliminary work is done, you can bring the animal home.

Parrot cage

parrot cage

How to take care of parrot

You will need to provide a special transport cage. These are usually very large and strong cages. Follow the advice of the parrot seller in order to choose it well. You will need to ensure that the cage is well-fixed in the car to avoid any risk during the journey.

Once the cage is securely positioned, you will need to cover it with a cloth. This linen is indicated to preserve the privacy of the parrot during the journey. However, be sure to let the air circulate inside the cage to its destination. At home, move your parrot to its new home and let the acclimatization phase begin.

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The acclimatization phase begins with a short period during which it is best to leave your parrot alone. It will have been necessary to leave in its cage enough water and food so that its solitude is complete. During this time, ensure that any cause of stress is minimized and the parrot feels safe.

You can then begin to observe the parrot and check that all the preliminary measures have been taken. During the first years of your life together, you will have to talk to him almost constantly. If you have adopted several parrots, you need to check if they get along well. It is, for example, inadvisable to lock parrots of different species in the same cage.


Caring for a parrotHow to take care of parrot

Cohabitation will go well if you take care of its feeding and maintenance. To feed it, you should strictly follow the advice of the seller and do your research. In general, parrots feed shortly after sunrise and shortly before sunset. Feeding him at a fixed time will accustom him to the ritual.

To clean it, it will be necessary to insert magazines there before the installation in the cage. This will allow quick cleaning by simple magazine change. Avoid harsh cleaning products. It will also be necessary to follow the advice of the veterinarian to schedule the visits. You will have to constantly keep an eye on it and avoid any risky gesture.

If all these steps are respected, it will be easy for you to tame it. The watchword is patience. By maintaining constant closeness to your parrot, talking with it, playing music, singing, providing it with different toys, and petting it regularly, you will create a secure bond with your pet parrot. If he doesn’t fly, you can even train him.

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