Making bird nests

This topic is valid for anyone wishing to build a box nest for their birds. It is oriented to the needs of the Youyou, but by adapting the size of the nest, the flight hole, and the thickness of the wood, you can re-use this topic for many other hook species.

The nest is built on a 25x25cm base and is 30cm high. The wood used here is 1cm thick marine plywood.

nesting for parakeets and parrots

Making bird nests

Tools required:

  • A pencil
  • One meter
  • A graduated square
  • A screwdriver
  • A 3mm wood bit
  • A cruciform tip
  • A jigsaw
  • A block and 100 grit sandpaper
  • Cutting pliers
  • Water pump pliers
  • A hole saw and it’s bit
  • A hole saw and it’s bit

Used materials :

  • A plank of plywood 1cm thick
  • Phillips countersunk head screws and washers
  • Two hinges
  • From a piece of mesh 13x13mm
  • Two hook screws
  • Two eyelet screws
  • A padlock

Parrot Nest box build

SOURCE: Jaco Badenhorst

How to make a parakeet nest

Using a square, we trace and cut the base of the 25x25cm nest. Likewise for the 25x30cm sides, then they are fixed to the base.

We cut the front face which will make the base 25cm plus 1cm of the thickness on each side, i.e. 27x30cm. Then we cut the 6.5cm flight hole (it can be enlarged as a tenant).

We cut a piece of mesh 13x13mm and screw it on the interior part of the nest with screws and washers and we fix the front face.

We then cut a 27x10cm plate on the back side of the nest, then fix the 27x20cm door with the hinges.

We then add the two eyelet screws to put the padlock on the door and we put the top of the 27x27cm nest.

All that remains is to fix the hook screws for fixing the cage.

Here it is, it’s over

nest made 1


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Parrot Nest Box Apartment Block

SOURCE: Cockatiel Companion and The Pheasantasiam

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