Elegant cockatiel


Elegant Cockatiel is the kind of bird that brings a lot of life to your home. We never tire of seeing her have fun, express herself and thrive. The yellow crest that it has on the head and the red-orange marks on its cheeks are part of the physical particularities of the elegant Cockatiel, which … Read more

Catherine Parakeet

Catherine parakeet

Barred parakeet another name: Toui catherine or barred parakeet or lineolated parakeet or linnies Scientific name: Bolborhynchus lineola The lineolated parakeet, or Barred parakeet or linnies, is a small psittacid with a nice green plumage. This bird is considered easy to tame, especially because of the sweetness of its temperament. Barred parakeet Family Psittacidae Kind … Read more

Rose-ringed parakeet

Rose-ringed parakeet

Collared parakeet or Rose-ringed parakeet  Psittacidae can live 30 years on average, the Ring-necked Parakeet is recognizable by its beautiful green plumage, its long tail with bluish reflections, its red and black beak, as well as its collar, precisely, but which we do not find than in the male. Discreet, but affectionate, she is a … Read more

Spix’s Macaw

spix's macaw

Superb parrot with blue plumage, the Spix’s Macaw is today, almost non-existent in the wild. However, a program to reintroduce birds born in captivity has recently been launched. Reputed to be fearful, this bird also possesses great skills in imitating sounds. Scientific name: Cyanopsitta spixii Family Psittacidae Kind Cyanopsitta Weight From 340 gr to 350 … Read more

Parrot senegal

parrot senegal

Parrot Senegal or Parrot youyou, is recognizable by its green plumage, its gray head, and its silver cheeks. On a daily basis, it is a pleasant and even fun companion to observe, especially because of its acrobatics. Most often, he attaches himself to his only master and does not allow the rest of the family … Read more



Parrot: This bird, whatever its species, has always fascinated human beings. The beauty of its plumage, its ability to imitate sounds and speech, and its behavior both toward humans and its congeners are some of the characteristics that make it an animal whose breeding (is not acting as an authorized and non-endangered species) and watches … Read more

Pyrrhura Molinae

Pyrrhura Molinae

Pyrrhura Molinae: Green-cheeked parakeet small parrot, filled with personality and joy of life, not very noisy, measuring 26 cm, 60 to 80 grams. Their life expectancy is 20-25 years Pyrrhura molinae habitat In the wild, the green-cheeked conure lives in colonies. In captivity, being found in the majority of cases alone, it is essential to … Read more