Parrot food

Parrot food

Parrot food: Pet parrots require special attention, especially when it comes to feeding. Like cats, dogs, or fish, there are different species of parrots with different needs. To avoid any problems for your pet, here are some useful tips. Best parrot food If there are different types of diets in parrots, it is firstly because … Read more

Parrot molting

parrot moulting

Parrot molting refers to the renewal of plumage, which involves the loss of old feathers. During this period, which generally begins after the summer solstice, the Parrot has higher than normal energy needs, hence the need to provide it with more vitamins and minerals. Once a year, therefore, your Parrot will be moulting, and you … Read more



Budgie: is quite a talkative bird. She likes to play, and sing and feels reassured when she is with her peers. Living in an apartment can suit her when she has everything she needs. As for its life expectancy, it oscillates between 12 and 15 years. Budgie habitat Originally from Australia, the Budgie has long since discovered … Read more

How to tame a parrot

How to tame a parrot: Developing a certain bond with a domestic parrot is quite possible, provided you do it right and choose the right breed. If gaining the bird’s trust is a goal within reach, you should know that some breeds of birds are easier to tame than others. But if you put in the … Read more

Parakeet male or female

parakeet male and female

Parakeet male or female: Sexual dimorphism (difference in appearance between males and females of a species) is not a rule that can be applied to all parrot species, as most of them cannot tell the difference at first glance between males and females, this only being possible by analysis or an expert. Palpable differences in … Read more

Cockatiel bird

cockatiel bird

The Cockatiel bird or nymphic parakeet is highly coveted in Switzerland. It is a species of bird of Australian origin classified in the order of Psittaciformes. It is a fairly intelligent, sociable, and above all affectionate parrot pet if you take good care of it. But before adopting it, it is advisable to know more about … Read more



Lovebirds: With their bright colors and their resplendent plumage, the lovebirds make more than one crack. As their name clearly suggests, these birds, which are particularly easy to raise and educate, like to live in pairs. They are also docile, jovial, very affectionate, and, unlike other birds, they appreciate petting. Be careful, these parrots are also very … Read more

Indian ringneck parrot

indian ringneck parrot

Indian ringneck parrot: Characteristic green plumage, red and black beak, long bluish tail… it is not very difficult to recognize a ring-necked parakeet, a magnificent parrot belonging to the Psittacidae family. Robust, affectionate, and easy to maintain, the ring-necked parakeet is highly appreciated by breeders, but also by individuals. Let’s discover together the main characteristics of … Read more

Caring for a parrot

Caring for a parrot

Caring for a parrot: Does your pet parrot have low morale? If the visit to the vet did not reveal any physical problems, chances are he is bored. Because you have to know that a pet parrot needs to be entertained! Like us, parrots like to be active and stimulated to sharpen their physical and cognitive … Read more



Macaws: An endangered species, the Macaw is an exceptional parrot, much appreciated for its extraordinary intelligence and its familiarity with humans. Of the 14 species of wild macaws recorded in tropical America, more than half are on the verge of extinction. That said, the macaws that you can keep at home come from specialized farms, which … Read more