Cuban amazon

Cuban Amazon

Cuban amazon: 28-33cm. length and 260-301 grams. Know also as a rose-throated parrot(Amazona leucocephala) has a very variable plumage, a main color ranging from light green to olive color, some parrots have yellow feathers scattered on their wings and in the back. Forehead, front of crown, lores, and area around eyes, White; lower cheeks Yes throat, pink-red; feathers at the back of the crown Yes nape, … Read more

Red-necked amazon

Red-necked amazon: 40cm. length and 650 grams. (Amazona arausiaca) has the lores, forecrown, front crown, and orbital area Yes upper cheeks, bright blue; rear of crown, nape, and neck sides, margins green with dark blue or blackish. Coat, back Yes collars, green with narrow, dark edges that give a subtle forbidden effect. wing covers green; carpal … Read more

Hispaniolan amazon

Hispaniolan amazon

Hispaniolan amazon: 28-31cm. length and 250 grams, The Hispaniolan Parrot (Amazona ventralis) has a front Lords color and white (variable extension); the upper crown and cheeks with blue feathers and black tips; helmet ears Yes lower cheeks, charcoal color (variable extent); nape feathers and sides of the neck, emerald green with visible black tips. Mantle Yes back green grass with black tips, which gradually become less visible at the bottom; Grupa Green, slightly yellowish; upper tail-coverts yellow-green. large blue … Read more

Yellow-naped amazon

yellow-naped amazon

Yellow-naped Amazon: 35.5-38cm. length and 480 grams. (Amazona auropalliata) It has a large size; its forecrown and the front of the crown, are generally pale bluish-green, sometimes with a narrow yellow fore-edge that extends to the front of the crown. back of crown pale bluish green; lores, cheeks, and neck sides, green; nape with a wide band of golden yellow. The upper parts … Read more

Red-lored amazon

red-lored amazon

Red-lored Amazon: 35.5 to 38.1 cm. height and between 314 and 485g. weight. (Amazona autumnalis) is distinguished by its red facade; Green with a purple border on the nape; spot in red on the wing; coronilla lilac, and Yes tail with a blue margin. The woodpecker is gray in color with the upper jaw a beige horn color. The iris of his eye is … Read more

Green-cheeked amazon

Green-cheeked Amazon: 30.5-33cm. length and 294 grams. The Green-cheeked Parrot (Amazona viridigenalis) has the lores, front yes crown, bright red, with side margins on the back of the neck and upper neck, showing blue feathers with black tips; helmet ears light green, without feathered black tips; nape Boldly adorne Coat Yes back green with some faint black tips; Grupa Yes upper tail-coverts, Green. green wing coverts with margins black on … Read more

Blue-cheeked amazon

Blue-cheeked Amazon: 37cm. length and 430 grams. The Blue-cheeked Parrot (Amazona brasiliensis) has a front, front crown, Red; subsequent red plumes crown with purple tips; cheeks, helmet ears, neck sides Yes throat, mauve-blue; back of the crown Yes nape, green with black tips. The upper parts are Green, with some grupa feathers with yellow dots. The medium, large wings and the inner secondaries appear clearly yellow; the front border the red … Read more

Diademed amazon

Diademed amazon

Diademed Amazon: 31–35cm. length and 450-550 grams. The Diademed Parrot (Amazona Diadema) is usually green, with black feathered crown edges, up to the mantle and the chest; crown green nape; the back of the neck green, mauve margin; cere and fore feathers, red; yellow-green., less yellow, upper cheeks, to ear-coverts; secondary red on the bases, the rest green; green tail; pale yellow eye-ring; orange eyes; peak dark gray. Order : Psittaciformes Family: Psittacidae Genus: Amazona Scientific name: … Read more

Lilac-crowned amazon

Lilac-crowned amazon

Lilac-crowned Amazon: 33 cm head to tail and weighs an average of 310 grams. The Lilac-crowned Parrot (Amazona finschi) has the front and upper lords, off red; the lower Lords, the cheeks and the ear-coverts, pale lime green; crown, sides neck yes nape, lilac or pale blue with few crown feathers showing narrow black margins. Green mantle with large black edges which give a visible scaly effect; back Yes low green collars with black borders to a few … Read more

Yellow-tailed black cockatoo

Yellow-tailed black cockatoo: 55 to 65 cm. length and weight of up to 900 grams. (Calyptorhynchus funereus) is clearly distinguishable by its mostly black plumage, yellow cheek patch, and yellow tail panels. It has a short, moving crest above its head. The female has a yellow patch on the cheek more defined and larger than … Read more