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Parrot funny: Parrots are fun companions. This is why they are among the most sought-after animals as pets. Indeed, their outgoing nature makes them good pets.

The friendly and outgoing character of the parrot makes them one of the most sought-after animals as pets. In addition, the fact that he can learn to speak and that reproduction is not complicated makes them particularly attractive. All of this makes parrots fun companions and great company.

Parrot adoption

Parrot adoption

Before choosing a parrot as a pet, keep in mind that it is a very long-lived bird. Unlike other pets, such as hamsters, rabbits, dogs, or cats, parrots can live between 50 and 60 years, so the owner must be prepared to share a large part of his life with this bird.

This has its pros and cons. The main advantage is that the parrot is very unlikely to die before its master or when the children are young, thus avoiding the sadness that inevitably follows the death of a pet.

On the other hand, parrots are lively and active animals that need almost constant attention and an entertaining environment to expend their energy and satisfy their curiosity. Therefore, if the animal is expected to spend most of the day alone, it is better to choose one that requires less attention.

If a parrot does not receive all the attention it needs, it can develop pathologies such as anxiety, stress, or destructive behaviors. It should be kept in mind that parrots that are alone in their cage, create stronger emotional bonds with their masters than the bond created with their partner if they have one.

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Parrot cage

parrot cage

Choosing a suitable cage is one of the most important aspects of his care. A parrot needs a large space to be able to move with a certain ease and to allow it to fully spread its wings.

Also, the tail should not touch the ground when resting on the perch. Unfortunately, the cages sold in pet stores are too small and the parrot is not comfortable in them.

The cage should be made of strong materials that are non-toxic and there should be no holes in which the parrot could injure itself. The base of the cage should be covered with newspaper to prevent the development of parasites. It is also important to ensure that the bird cannot access its own droppings.

In addition, the cage must have at least two perches whose diameter must correspond to that of the leg of the parrot. Perches made of smooth wood and plastic are very inconvenient, as they prevent the natural wear of the nails and promote the development of foot diseases.

For this reason, perches should be rough. Another important point: they should also be placed in such a way that the bird cannot soil the feeder and drinker with droppings.

Regarding where to install it, the cage should be in a place with ample lighting and ventilation. It should also be placed so that when the parrot perches on one of the perches, it is at eye level with its owner. Otherwise, he will feel dominated and may be aggressive.

Parrot toys

Parrot toys

Remember that parrots are very restless and curious animals that need to carry out activities so as not to get bored. Therefore, they need toys. The most common toys are bells, wooden ladders, swings, or ropes.

In order not to fill the cage with toys and hinder the mobility of the parrot, the ideal is to change them from time to time. In addition, it will further stimulate the creativity of the bird.

You have to be very careful with parrot toys because most of the accessories sold in stores present a considerable danger. Chains with too large links, for example, are particularly dangerous, as they risk being swallowed.

The best parrot toys are those that are made from natural materials and are sized in proportion to the age of the bird. Toys that are not removable are preferable so that the parrot does not ingest them.

Parrot playing with toys

SOURCE: African Grey Parrot Pet

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