How to tame parakeet

How to tame parakeet: The parakeet is a bird that needs interaction so as not to get bored and depressed. Just like a cat or a dog, the parakeet develops bonds with its master and will consider it a congener. But before you can handle your parakeet and take it everywhere with you, you have to tame it.

Taming the parakeet is a long and complex process that requires a lot of patience. It is imperatively based on a stimulus (treat, congratulation) thus positively rewarding each progress of the parakeet and encouraging it to continue. But taming your parakeet should also be fun for you, in which case it will sense that you are not playful and will be less motivated to come to you!

How to tame your parakeet? How to gain the trust of a parakeet to take good care of it? What are the stages of taming a budgerigar or cockatiel? How to use a treat to reward your bird? Here are all our tips for taming your parakeet.

Parakeet breeding

The first contact with the parakeet is established in a pet store or at a breeder where it will be a question of choosing which parrot to adopt. Do not choose your future pet parrot in a hurry, but take the time to observe the birds and establish a first bond with them.

If you can, put your hand near the cage and observe everyone’s behavior. Even if the notion of feeling works less in a bird than in a cat or a dog,

this first approach will determine which parrot seems curious about your presence and will help you in your choice. A parakeet that runs away and seems fearful at first may not be the right choice if you are looking for a bird to handle, especially if this is your first.

The arrival of the parakeet in its new home

Once you have made your choice and returned home, do not immediately seek contact with your parakeet. The bird will likely be disoriented and disoriented in this new environment and should be given time to settle into its new home.

The first few days after adoption, start by getting the parakeet used to your presence by staying in the room where its cage is located. Do not make sudden movements so as not to panic him further.

Read a book near his cage, for example, this will allow him to get used to you. Day after day talk to her, observe her, get closer to the cage, and continue your usual activities in the room. Very quickly she will understand that she is not in danger and will be more serene in this new environment.

Getting the budgie used to you should take at least two weeks until it no longer seems disturbed. Remember to always stay calm and avoid sudden movements.

Hand tame parakeet

Hand tame parakeet

After a certain period, the parakeet will be used to your presence. You can start to get it used to your hand and tame it. Once again, you will have to be calm and patient.

Start by putting your hand in the cage, without trying to grab it. This will help familiarize the parakeet with your hand. You can do this for a few days and then if you feel her curious, try to coax her closer by coaxing her with food.

First, with a branch of millet to keep some distance, the parakeet will stretch its neck to grab the treat. Then after a few days, with a few seeds in the palm of your hand. The parakeet may be reluctant, but don’t be discouraged! Don’t forget to congratulate her on each progress.

Teach the parakeet to climb on your hand

When she no longer fears your hand to the point of coming to eat there, you can teach her to climb there! Getting the budgie used to ride on your hand will make going out easier in the future.

It will be a question of approaching your index finger to the parakeet and encouraging it to climb on it with the help of a small treat. This step can be long, but don’t be discouraged.

If you associate this step with a treat, she will be less reluctant to come and she will start again. This is called positive reinforcement.

Once she’s confident enough to climb onto your hand, don’t pull her out just yet. Accustom her like this for several days until she is completely familiar with the gesture.

When it’s time to teach her how to get out of the cage, she may feel stressed about leaving her familiar surroundings. Do not rush it because all the work done so far could be wasted.

Go slowly by talking to her to reassure her, and don’t forget to reward her with a treat. Then get her used to the room the cage is in before you consider wandering around the house.

If she ever flies away, do not run after her, she could feel in danger. Wait for her to land then approach her gently to take her back and put her in her cage.

Repeat these exercises daily until she is completely comfortable not only with you but also around the house. It is a long process and it is not uncommon to have to repeat certain steps.

But the end result is worth it and you won’t be disappointed with so much work. You will have a friendly relationship with your parakeet and can even go on and teach him a few tricks.

How to tame your budgie

SOURCE: African Grey Parrot Pet

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