How do i bathe my parrot

How do I bathe my parrot: Most parrots love to take a bath, and this is easy to do because the parrot will do most of the work as it will fluff its feathers to let the water seep onto its skin. You should give the parrot a chance to bathe twice a week, especially in a dry house. Bathing encourages the parrot to dress up and also helps remove dirt and silt from the bird’s feathers.

Parrot bathing

Bathing a parakeet

Fill a deep bowl with lukewarm water. The water should only be 1 or 5 cm deep. Cold water should not be used, as parrots are sensitive to cold.

  • You can also find bathrooms attached to your bird’s cage.
  • If your bird doesn’t like the bowl, you can try wet grass on the floor of a clean cage. The bird will love soaking in it as a kind of shower.
  • You don’t have to use soap
Place a towel under the cage; If you’re worried about splashing out, put a towel under the cage. This will help reduce splattering.

Place the bowl on the floor of the cage. Place it inside the cage so the bird can jump in it, and make sure the water is not too deep. You can also fill your tank with a small amount of water. Take the parrot in there and close the door so it doesn’t fly away, but make sure the tank is clean first.

Let the parrot play. Parrots will squirt water, and squirting water is how a parrot bathes. Most parrots really enjoy this process.If the parrot doesn’t jump into the bowl right away, give him a chance to get used to it. If it still won’t jump, you need to move on to the next method.

Let the bird dry. Your parakeet will shake itself to expel water from its body, but make sure that the area where it dries itself is not cold or drafty. You may want to cover the cage with a towel to help.

Clean the bathroom. After you’ve bathed the bird, take the bowl or bathe out from inside the cage. Make sure to wash it thoroughly, and then wash your hands afterward.

Use a spray bottle

How to bathe a parrot

Buy a spray bottle. You can find it in the hair care section of a large supermarket or drugstore. You can also find them in the gardening section of a home supply store.

There is also a pole sold at pet stores that can be used as an alternative to a spray bottle. Just place it in your shower head and turn on lukewarm water.

Fill the bottle with lukewarm or warm water. The water should not be cold, as parrots and other birds are sensitive to cold.

Use the bottle as a fine mist. Most spray bottles have several settings, and of course, you don’t want running water; A few light sprays will suffice to bathe the parrot. 

Sprinkle water on the bird. You should spray a nice mist to bathe the bird but don’t spray it in the bird’s face, as most birds don’t like it.

Let the parrot dry. The bird will dry itself off, but just make sure the area is warm and not cold and drafty.

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