conure bird price

conure bird price: Conures ( English and French conure ) are a non-taxon group of small and medium-sized parrots with short bodies and relatively long tails.

This term is generally used for members of some genera in a family of Neotropical parrots from the subfamily Arinae. As a non-scientific term, the word “conure” is mostly used in bird breeding culture, but it does appear in scientific works, especially as part of common names of certain genera and species.

Conure type

At one time all the birds called conures were united in one paraphyletic genus Conuropsis. Later, due to the development of methods of phylogenetics, especially molecular phylogenetics, the genus was divided into several new genera, some of which are not even closely related. Here is the (probably incomplete) list of genera whose species are called conures:

Aratinga – aratinga or true conures
Pyrrhura — red-tailed conures
Eupsittula — brown-throated warblers or conures
Psittacara – long-billed macaws or conures
Conuropsis — one species, Carolina conure (extinct)
Cyanoliseus — one species, Patagonian conure
Enicognathus – emerald conures
Guarouba — one species, golden arat or conure
Leptosittaca — one species, Andean conure
Ognorhynchus — one species, golden-eared conure
Thectocercus — one species, blue-crowned macaw or conure

Conure bird prices

Golden-fronted conure or crowned conure                     470$

Opaline cinnamon green eared conure                            150$

Green-cheek conure                                                   80$

Green-eared Parakeet Cinamon                                       85$

Green-eared Parakeet EAM                                            175$

Fire-headed Parakeet                                                      195$

Red-bellied Parakeet                                                       175$

Finsch’s Parakeet                                                           450$

golden cap conure                                                         400$

roseifrons or blushing conure                                      150$

Sun Conure                                                      495$

conure bird price

SOURCE: Deepan’s Birds & Vlogs