Moulting in Parrot

moulting in parrot

Moulting in Parrot: Moulting can be a delicate phase for the parrot, hence the need to understand this phenomenon and respond to the specific needs of the animal. Regularly, the birds change their plumage to have a brand new one. This is called molting, like in dogs, for example, when they lose their hair and replace it with others.This is a … Read more

Symptoms and diseases of pet Parrot

diseases in parrots

Symptoms and diseases of pet Parrot: What are the main diseases affecting birds in this company? How do they manifest? Parrot disease An abnormally inactive parrot or, on the contrary, very agitated, loss of feathers (except molting period), diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, lack of appetite, swelling of the abdomen, excessive thirst …So many symptoms can be … Read more

Parrot feeding

best parrot food

Parrot feeding: the Best parakeet food Diet is a key element in the health and well-being of a pet parrot. It also intervenes in its appearance, since it comes into account the state of its plumage in particular. What the parrot eats just as much affects its reproduction and many other aspects of its life. … Read more

Foods toxic to parrots

foods toxic to parrots

Foods toxic to parrots: The health and well-being of our pet parrots are determined by several aspects, one of the most important of which is the food we give them. The diet of our feathered friends must exclude certain foods which, if they are good for us, are dangerous for them. What foods are toxic to … Read more

Parrot fruits and vegetables

Parrot fruits and vegetables

Parrot fruits and vegetables: Top’s parrot food Some fruits and vegetables are excellent and recommended for our birds, while others are to be banned. We help you sort it out. Why are fruits and vegetables important to our pet birds? What fruits can we give to our feathered friends? What vegetables and greens to incorporate … Read more



the Cockatoo is a very expressive bird that requires a lot of attention and lives long.  Let’s go back to its history, its diet, and its health. You can see the Sulfur-crested in many funny videos circulating on the Web.  Native to Oceania and Indonesia. There are many other species of this parrot, just as interesting … Read more

Hyacinth macaw

Hyacinth macaw

Hyacinth macaw: With a cobalt blue plumage of rare beauty, the Hyacinth Macaw is the largest representative of the taxon of Psittacidae. One of the main characteristics of this bird is its powerful stamp which it makes frequent use. Because of its size and liveliness, it needs large spaces to live happily. Scientific name: Anodorhynchus … Read more

Blue and yellow macaw

Blue and yellow macaw

the Blue and Yellow Macaw is a protected species. The bird itself and its habitat are threatened. This large parrot displays a playful and expressive temperament. We also appreciate his ability to “speak”, or rather to imitate our language. Scientific name: Ara ararauna Character Food Reproduction Health Way of lifeMode de vie   Blue and yellow … Read more

African Grey Parrot

African Grey Parrot, or Parrot Jaco, or congo parrot is characterized by impressive longevity, which can reach 80 years! Native to the equatorial African forests, it is known for its pretty plumage in shades of gray and its formidable ability to speak. Another name: Parrot Jaco Scientific name: Psittacus erithacus Family Psittacidae Kind Psittacus Weight … Read more



Budgerigar Scientific name: Melopsittacus undulatus Character Food Reproduction Health Way of life Family Psittacidae Kind Melopsittacus Weight From 29 gr to 40 gr Cut 18 cm Budgerigar lifespan 12 years average life expectancy of the Budgerigar is around  12 years. Budgerigar habitat The Budgerigar is native to Australia, more specifically from the open woodlands, meadows, and … Read more