Green parrot

Green parrot is a pet that is characterized by friendly social behavior. This encourages the acquisition of parrots and their upbringing at home, and although they are known as green in various regions of the world, they are not completely green. Most species mix with other bright colors besides green.

The green parrot has a distinctive voice, and some of them speak some words and repeat some phrases uttered by humans in front of them, but not all parrots can speak fluently.

There are types of him who are good at speaking in a distinctive and effective way, some of them speak quietly, and some of them scream loudly most of the time.

Indian Ringneck Parakeet

indian ringneck parrot

The Indian ringneck parrot is a small parrot, its length ranges from 18 to 20 cm, and its weight ranges from 22 to 32 g. This parrot has a color ranging from green to yellow, and it depends on grains and fresh fruits for its food, but in the wild, it eats Weeds and plant seeds.

Eclectus male

eclectus parrot male

Male Eclectus Parrots are green birds with a colored beak and are characterized by the presence of a spot of bright blue color on one of the wings, while the other wing is red in color, and it is generally calm, and its original habitat is the Solomon Islands.

It is noteworthy that the male Eclectus parrot is completely different in shape from the female of this type, which led ornithologists to believe that each of them belongs to a particular species.

It is noted that breeding this type of bird has not been successful for many years. The reason for this is due to the breeders not knowing the differences between the male and the female; They used to put males with males and females with females, while the male was green and the female was red with a purple belly.


black cheeked lovebird parrot

The lovebird a small parrot whose main color is green, has a short tail and a slightly stocky body, and it can be found in different colors other than green.

It often prefers to live in the wild in the form of flocks or small groups and feeds on fruits, seeds, herbs, and vegetables. Africa is the original home of this bird, and there is one type of it found on the island of Madagascar.

The lovebird parrot has nine known species, six of which are still in good numbers and are not threatened with extinction, while the other three there are many things that make them decrease day by day.

Green budgie

australian vs english budgie

The budgie parakeet is a green-colored bird with a pointed tail, found mainly in Mexico but also found in southern Texas in the United States of America. This species prefers to exist in forest areas, and often lives in herds or small groups, and this parrot repeats some words in a high tone, and feeds on seeds and fruits.

Green cheeked conure

Green cheek conure

The Green-Cheeked Conure often gets color mutations; Accordingly, its color is yellow with brown or lemon green with colors lighter than it. This type is distinguished by its small size, calmness, and low price.

Therefore, it is considered a favorite type of many people.This species is often found in the wild in the forests of Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay.

Amazon parrot

Amazon parrot

The Amazon parrot is one of the green birds known to most people and has a lot of popularity, and it is characterized by the fact that its entire body is bright green with some distinctive marks on both the head and the forehead, and the Amazon parrot is one of the fun animals.

The Amazon parrot has a high level of curiosity, and loves to play with its owners outside the cage, noting the need to train it well, otherwise its behavior becomes aggressive, and it is finally considered an endangered animal due to its exposure to overfishing.

Pacific Parrotlet 

Evolution of Pacific parrotlet babies in photos

The Pacific Parrotlet or the Lesson’s parrotlet due to its small size, is one of the small species full of vitality and activity, and it can have aggressive behavior if it is left for a long period of time.

The Pacific Parrotlet has a rather strong beak, which it often uses in self-defense, and this species has a strong personality. This led to its comparison with Amazon parrots, especially since both are also similar in terms of short bodies and the shape of a sharp tail.

Quaker parrot

Quaker parrot behavior

The monk parakeet  is a green-colored parrot with a little gray native to South America, and this is the only type of parrot that lives communally, as it gathers to live together in nests on trees next to each other.

One nest often contains a place to accommodate many parrots, and this species has the ability to speak if it gets the appropriate exercise, especially those species that are raised in homes, and their average age ranges from 6 years in the wild to 15 years in cages.

Military macaw

Military macaw

Military Macaw its common names are the military parrot, the Bolivian military, and the Mexican military, and it is 76.2 cm long, and its weight is approximately 90 g, and its average age is mostly 50 years.

As for its native habitat, it belongs to Central and South America, and this type of parrot prefers arid habitats over forests, and is considered one of the parrots at risk of extinction due to overfishing and the loss of its favorite habitats

Senegal parrot

parrot senegal

Senegal parrot is a parrot with a full head, yellow eyes and a small body, and its color is mostly dark green and brownish-gray with a green mouth, and it often makes beautiful sounds such as whistling or gurgling and does not scream.

As for its original habitat, it returns to Africa, hence the name for it, and this type of parrot is found in abundance in nature, so its prices are often low, and it has the ability to speak and imitate humans.

Great green macaw

Great green macaw

Great green macaw is one of the largest parrots on Earth, often found in the moist lowlands or humid forests of Mesoamerica and Latin America.

The Great Green Macaw was considered a subspecies of the Lesser Military Parrot, and over the past 10 years its numbers had declined significantly due to habitat loss, leading to its addition to the endangered animal list.

Red-shouldered macaw

Red-shouldered macaw

The Red-Shouldered Macaw is a small, fun parrot that can be easily raised at home, and it is able to talk if it gets the appropriate exercise. Also known as the Han parrot, it is green in color with many turquoise feathers on its head;

Likewise, the feathers are red in color under the area of ​​the wings, and it has a loud voice as it can issue some bouts of screaming. It is a type of parrot that establishes a strong relationship with its owner and loves to learn tricks in order to entertain others.

Red fronted macaw

Red fronted macaw

The Red Fronted Macaw is a small parrot, ranging in length from 55 to 60 cm. It has a rather long and graceful tail, and is unique in its kind, as it has a beautiful and calm personality, and its movements that it makes can be enjoyed.

He can speak some simple words if they are practiced at an early age, and he is constantly trying to imitate human speech. As for his native Bolivia, where he is found in arid and semi-desert regions, he is an endangered animal.

Yellow-collared Parrot

Yellow-collared Parrot

Twenty-eight parrot is a small parrot, 40 cm long, and has a black head and a red forehead, while the abdomen is of a pale green color interspersed with this blue color for males.

As for the females, their plumage is often pale in color with a brown head, and a red color at the front of the head, and it is preferable that they be bilateral in the cage, and they can have aggressive behavior towards other birds, and finally, they often feed on seeds, fresh fruits, and green vegetables.

Blue-winged parrot

Blue-winged parrot

Blue-winged Parrot Its color is blue and its head is olive green. The tail is green with blue and yellow sides, while the lower parts of the bird are yellow in color, tending to orange at the belly. This is for the male, while the female’s colors are somewhat dull.

King parrot

The king parrot has a weight of about 1700 grams or more, and a length ranging from 90 to 95 cm. The body of this species is predominantly red and green.

Peach-fronted Conure

Peach fronted conure

The Peach-fronted Conure is the smallest species of parrots around the world. It is 12 cm long and 23 grams in weight. It has a short tail. The color of this species is bright green, with a little blue in its wing and yellow on the head.

Green parrot breeding

Parrot breeding

Parrots are considered pets, but they are jealous birds, and for this reason, parrot breeders separate them into two groups, one for males and one for females. There are many types of parrots around the world, but they share some external characteristics, which are the parrot’s head is large, and it has a strong beak that helps the parrot to eat.

And the food for parrots is legumes, fruits, grains, nuts, and so on, and the various curved foods that parrots use to move and move, and to stabilize on tree branches or on swings that are attached to the parrot in the cage and the thick tongue, and the length of the parrots ranges from 10 to 100 cm.

And the parrot breeder must understand his signal, and know the ways to deal with these signals, as the pupil shrinking signal expresses that the parrot has enjoyed his time with you, and the feather fluffing signal means that the parrot is angry or afraid,

and when the parrot shouts, the parrot breeder does not worry because it is normal because it expresses About talking about parrots, and you should pay attention to parrots,

and spend time with them for an hour a day to make them feel safe, and this makes the parrot an intimate relationship between him and the breeder, especially when pampering the parrot and talking to him.

Green parrot lifespan

The parrot is one of the birds that enjoys a long life span, up to 120 years, and the life span of a parrot varies according to the type of parrots, as the average age of the Budgerigars reaches from 5 to 6 years, and its length is 17.8 cm.

Some of them live from 10 to 12 years, and the average age ranges from 10 to 12 years. Cockatiels parrot, whose length is 30.5 cm, is from 15 to 20 years, and the large macaw parrot reaches an average age of 40 years or more, the African gray parrot, whose length ranges from 25.4 to 35.5 cm, and its age reaches more than 40 years.

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