Yellow-crowned amazon

Yellow-crowned amazon: Amazon parrots are considered one of the most beautiful pet birds that can be found in the home, as they are characterized as very pleasant for everyone who deals with them. To be able to fly, hover, play, and fly inside it, like other types of parrots.

It is worth noting that they are very intelligent types of birds and get bored quickly, so toys and simple entertainment must always be put in for them that enable them to have fun, and they are one of the types of talking parrots, which are characterized by distinctive colors and different according to the type,

There are many types of Amazon parrots, including “Parrot ” Yellow-crowned, Red-crowned amazon, Blue-fronted amazon, Southern Amazon amazon, Yellow Double-headed amazon, Panama amazon, Lilac-crowned amazon, White-fronted amazon, Orange-winged amazon.

Yellow-crowned amazons are very impressive as their color is green and they have yellow spots, especially on the forehead, so they are called the same Yellow-crowned amazon, and they also have some red pigmentation on their thin wings,

This beautiful mixture of colors makes them one of the favorite birds of humans, and Her voices are beautiful, as she makes a small, shrieking and squawking sound, and she has beautiful ways of attracting people to her.

They also live in tropical South America, where parrots of this breed need to live in dry, low-humidity places, as they find an ideal life among mangroves, savanna forests, tropical forests, and deciduous forests, as well as in pine forests and high areas, as they are found abundantly over the Andes mountains. 792 m from the Earth’s surface.

Yellow-crowned amazon personality

Yellow-crowned amazon personality

Yellow-crowned amazon are among the most beautiful birds that decorate homes and forests, as they spread joy and happiness, and among their most important features:

  • Yellow-crowned amazons do not pose any danger as they are pets and are friendly to humans and the environment, as they can live at home, but under special care and in spacious cages.
  • Yellow-crowned amazons are able to talk and repeat human speech after training, which makes them very entertaining and endearing to humans as they are birds with a great sense of humor and kindness.
  • Yellow-crowned amazons are very smart birds that love to play and move a lot, so they need some simple games inside the cage, such as a small wooden swing and a ball, because they get bored quickly, which makes them happiness and joy.
  • Yellow-crowned amazons feed on fruits, seeds, buds, and leaves, which makes them inexpensive, but the truth is that their prices are very high due to their rarity, as finding and buying them is very expensive.
  • Yellow-crowned amazons are characterized by their bright colors that decorate people’s lives, as they combine green, yellow, and a beautiful red color. They are always one of people’s favorite types of parrots.
  • Among the nice information about Yellow-crowned amazons is that they love music and move to their tunes and distinguish their movements, which makes them more beautiful.

yellow crowned amazon facts

yellow crowned amazon

There is more interesting information that can be known about Yellow-crowned amazons, or as some call them yellow Amazon parrots, as they are wonderful birds, and among the facts that must be known about them:

The threat of extinction 

Yellow-crowned amazons are widespread in many countries of the world, but the Ministry of Environment always warns of the danger of it extinction, as animals are exposed to hunting and seizure with the aim of exporting and selling at high prices, in order to be used as pets for decoration and living in homes, and this environment is often not suitable for Yellow-crowned amazon, not only, but in general, its live in areas that are frequently exposed to storms and hurricanes, which makes them vulnerable to destruction.

The reason for naming it

The reason for naming the Yellow-crowned amazons by this name is that their heads contain a yellow part that resembles a crown, overlapping with the green color of the body, which makes their shape distinctive and beautiful.

The reason for naming the Yellow-crowned amazons by this name is that their heads contain a yellow part that resembles a crown, overlapping with the green color of the body, which makes their shape distinctive and beautiful.

Yellow-crowned amazon size

Yellow-crowned amazon weighs an average of approximately 430 grams.

Yellow-crowned amazon flight speed

Its flies at a speed of between 40 to 50 miles per hour, or about 64.3 to 80.4 kilometers per hour, and is known as a strong bird that can take long trips and can fly and fly high.

Yellow-crowned amazon food

Yellow-crowned amazon feed on seeds, nuts, berries, tropical fruits, flowers, and leaf buds.


Yellow-crowned amazon lifespan

yellow crowned amazon life expectancy

Its  live in a flock or in pairs, so they do not like to be alone. The number of members of the flock reaches 30 parrots. The age of the Yellow-crowned amazon ranges between 56 years in the wild, while sometimes it may reach 100 years.

Mating at the Yellow-Crowned amazon

The mating season for yellow-crowned parrots is between December to May when the green-crowned Amazon parrots reproduce from one male to one female, and they are considered a species of sensitive bird that enjoys more sense of humor,

The male Yellow-crowned amazon parrot crosses He expresses his desire to mate by bending down and moving the wings as they fall down, shaking the tail, raising the foot, and dilating the pupils of the eye, and the couples remain estranged from each other after mating, so the husband cannot search for another partner.

The female Yellow-crowned amazon lays between 2 to 4 eggs per season in a nest that is often built in tree cavities, where it needs an incubation period of 24 to 27 days. The shape of egg is oval in shape and there are no signs or protrusions on its shell. The male parrot takes care of the female and provides her with food.

The hatching process takes about a month for the parrot embryo to come out of the egg. After hatching, the female takes great care of the embryos and is in a state of complete rest for feeding. The male parrot also participates in feeding the embryos with the mother, but it remains the responsibility of the female. Most of the attention.

Young yellow-crowned parrots are born with white or light gray feathers on the back, but the real feathers begin to appear in their bright green and yellow colors within two months, as the embryos become independent and are able to fly, fly and obtain food, but they remain with their families, until the age of mating that starts from the age of Three years.

Type of Yellow-crowned amazon

yellow crowned amazon as pets

There are two types of yellow-crowned parrots, and in the end, they fall under one type, where neither individuals nor specialists distinguish between them, as the difference between them is simple, as what differentiates them is that the first type is the yellow-crowned Amazon, and the second is the yellow-headed Amazon.

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